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Lorries built by Gibbs, belonging to W. Barker and Son of Laleham on Thames loaded ready for market. The two families became close friends.

Gibbs supplied local farmers with vehicles and they developed close links with many of the farming families in the area, so their customers were often also good friends.

Gibbs built horse drawn marker

John’s grandson, Herbert John Gibbs, continued the family tradition, designing many items including the horse-drawn marker seen here. This horse-drawn marker was used to mark out the fields so that the seed could be planted quickly and evenly. The…

John Gibbs


The Gibbs blacksmith team around 1900

When John Gibbs began the business, the horse was an essential form of transport and vital for most agricultural work. As Bedfont was in the middle of a busy farming area, there was plenty of work for the new firm, making and mending both horse draw…

John Gibbs

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