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A wagon built for the Thompson Brothers of Garson Farm, Esher.

This wagon was used for market deliveries and can still be seen on that farm.
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A flat cart built by Gibbs. The floor sloped inwards to keep produce boxes secure.

Many types of agricultural carts and wagons were built by Gibbs and in particular, there was a steady trade in dung carts. Dung was an essential commodity for any farmer in an age before artificial fertiliser, for without it, his land would soon bec…
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Herbert Gibbs pattern book.

Herbert realised the need for different types of transport required by the farmers and market gardners in and around the Bedfont area. He produced a pattern book in which he drew his designs for carts and wagons. The customer would choose which veh…
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A two horse-drawn cart built by Gibbs.

Awarded first prize at the Middlesex Agricultural Society Show on the 5th October 1900. The winner’s plaque can be seen in the Gibbs history display at the Rural Life Centre.
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A Gibbs strawberry van, owned by Fred Emmett, Brook Farm, Stanwell, Middlesex. The van man is believed to be C. Cox. Circa 1900.

John Gibbs quickly realised that he could specialise in equipment for the expanding fruit and vegetable industry. One of his innovations was a lightweight cart for transporting strawberries. It was important that the fruit should arrive at market…
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Horse to steam power

The load was then pulled to the road by horses and taken to the grower’s yard by steam engine. Here they were watered by hose to keep them fresh and taken to Covent Garden early next morning in wagons pulled by horses for speed.
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Cos lettuce being loaded onto a Gibbs Wagon (note they are not in boxes)

Cos lettuce being loaded on to Gibbs built wagons at Wild and Robbins farm, Sipson, Middlesex.
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