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Gibbs designed grass seed drill

A specially designed implement for sowing grass seed into existing turf for stronger growth. This drill was designed in a partnership between Gibbs and ICI to enable the sward (grass crop) to be improved without having to plough and cultivate the fi…
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Greater london Council David Brown tractor order.

An order for 73 David Brown tractors for the Greater London Council in the yard at Gibbs, Bedfont in the 1970’s. This was the largest order for tractors ever handled by the firm.
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A Massey Harris Tractor pulling a trailer loaded with bales.

During World War II, much more land was brought into cultivation in order to feed the population when imported food became almost impossible to get. The firm was kept busy, often working into the evening, with everyone from craftsmen to office girls…
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A Gibbs lorry carrying a David Brown tractor from the early 1950’s.

Gibbs worked with the firm of David Brown from the start of Brown’s involvement with tractors in 1936. It proved to be a very successful association and Gibbs were appointed London area distributor for them in 1958. The association continued after…
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The Massey Harris Pacemaker Tractor – MC48.

Just as the lorry took over from the horse-drawn wagon, so the tractor superseded the horse on the farm. As usual, Gibbs was quick to supply this wonderful new invention, together with all the implements which it could operate. They had a long as…
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