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The first page from John Gibbs’ ledger of 1844

When John Gibbs began the business, the horse was an essential form of transport and vital for most agricultural work. As Bedfont was in the middle of a busy farming area, there was plenty of work for the new firm, making and mending both horse dra…
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Letter from John Gibbs dated 1850, to a customer confirming an order for barrows.

‘Bedfont, November 18th 1850. Gentlemen, I will make 6 navigating barrows at 10 Shillings each with ash sides, oak base and Elm boards with a wood wheel 1 foot 6 inches high with hoop tyre and painted. J. Gibbs.’
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The original sale documents for the land bought at auction on 7th July 1907.

The expanding business resulted in Herbert renting more land adjoining the original site and then in 1907 he purchased the original site and the plot next door. Herbert bought lots 5 & 6. The Spinney is the building shown in Lot 6 in the bottom ri…
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