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Loaded market lorries built by Gibbs and belonging to W. Barker & Son of Laleham on Thames.

Gibbs specialised in building vehicle bodies to meet customers’ specific needs. They bought in the chassis frames and built on a body for a particular purpose, often to the customer’s specification. Lorries used to carry crates of produce to market, for example, had a high front and a slightly inward sloping base to prevent the crates falling off as they only had ropes to secure the load, this being the days before sophisticated modern strapping.

Specialist body built by Gibbs for W.E. Wingrove and Sons. Iver, Buckinghamshire.

An Albion lorry loaded with root vegetables belonging to W.R. Bennett of Bedfont.

Market lorries built on to Austin chassis by Gibbs for A.E. Burree and Sons of Barnes.

Gibbs built body for H.E. Purser or Town Farm East, Stanwell, Middlesex.

Gibbs built body on a lorry belonging to F.W. Longhurst, West Drayton.

Vehicles were also produced for other trades. Delivery vans, pick-up trucks and flat-bed lorries were regularly built.

An early van built for A & E White of Maidenhead to deliver a variety of goods to their customers.

An Austin lorry designed and built by Gibbs for their own use.

A pick-up truck built onto an Austin chassis.

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