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Inside the agricultural implements workshop in Bedfont, 1950's.

Agricultural implements have always been an important part of the Gibbs work. Equipment was designed and built for the very different jobs which farmers and growers had to do during the season and to ensure the cultivation of different crops was achieved as efficiently as possible.

Boxes for seed drills in production at the Gibbs workshops in Bedfont.

A rotavator being demonstrated to potential customers.

An attachment designed and made by Gibbs for Bushells of Yateley to push mushroom compost onto the heap.

Gibbs designed grass seed drill

A specially designed implement for sowing grass seed into existing turf for stronger growth. This drill was designed in a partnership between Gibbs and ICI to enable the sward (grass crop) to be improved without having to plough and cultivate the field.

The Woodchuck Chipper

Although a very common machine now, Gibbs was the first company in the UK to import wood chippers from the USA in the 1970’s. They bought in the mechanism and built the trailer around it. This photo shows an early tree chipper being used by staff from the London Borough of Ealing in 1972.

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