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Gibbs motor vehicle workshop 1930's.

The original motor vehicle workshop was situated on the Staines Road in Bedfont. In 1949 Longbridge House was built on the Stanwell Road site and this heralded the expansion of the motor and commercial vehicle division.

Longbridge House, Bedfont 1950's.

Three Austin cars pictures in the 1930’s.

Gibbs association with the Austin Motor Company began in 1923, when they started selling Austin cars. Models such as the Austin 7 and the Austin 12 were available at this early stage.

The new Mini arrives.

1959 newspaper article celebrating the arrival of the new the Austin 7, soon to be renamed the Mini.

Austin merged with Morris in 1952 to become BMC and later with Leyland (1968) to form British Leyland. Throughout this period, Gibbs was given increased status with the company, becoming a leading supplier of vehicles.

Austin Cars

Presentation of a plaque to Reginald Gibbs in recognition of the company’s long association with the Austin Motor Company. This plaque is displayed in the Gibbs display at the Rural Life Centre.

John Gibbs


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